Monday, 8 August 2011

How to Become a Suvidhaa Franchisee

To apply for a suvidhaa franchisee use the below link and fill up the form, Dont miss anything

After filling up a person who is working in  suvidhaa will contact you within two days, He will explain all the features available with suvidhaa and the minimum requirements to obtain a retailer ship.

The Initial amount you have to pay is 7500 Rupees, for that the 7000 is the registration fee for a  single calender year, and the 500 will be added to your account.

Consider you are taking the retailer ship on july 2011 your license will be valid till 2011 december, You have to pay another 7000 Rupees to continue your retailer ship.

A receipt like above will be given as acknowledgement.

After that you will be mapped to a distributor near to that area,and you have to contact for further topup and for other issues related to suvidhaa


  1. nice i like to take a suvidhaa franchisee
    my mail id
    what is the use of it

  2. i want a suvidhaa franchisee
    my mail id & mubile no.9871900366
    what is the use of it